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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Writing About Our Thoughts While Problem Solving in Mathematics

I love shared writing that leaves "tracks of your thinking."   Those "literacy folks" think they have cornered the market on writing about your thinking, but I just don't agree.  Take a moment and read this extended response about how you think when you estimate of a cost and how you think when you are obtaining an exact cost.

Isn't it lovely...(sigh).
Deborah Devine


  1. Hi Deborah:
    That IS lovely!
    That's how we know you're a good teacher!

    This has really motivated me to put more effort into the WHY as well as the HOW.
    As usual, I am leaving your site with new ideas. Thanks.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Kim,
    Thanks. Putting more effort into the WHY is what the new Common Core Standards are all about!

  3. It is very lovely Deborah and completely brilliant!!
    Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous ideas, I don't get to say it enough and I apologize for that!

  4. What a wonderful example of math literacy in action! It is awesome! I will share this with my math coaches. They will be jealous!!


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