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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Discussing Percentages with a 6 Year Old Child!

Learning about percentages can start when your child is quite young using everyday situations. 

Here is what been happening at my house today:

     Ella loves to use the iPad. Today I saw her placing the iPad on the charging station. "It's only at 17% so I'm stopping to recharge it," she said.
    "What does it mean when it says 17%," I asked.
    "It means that the battery is almost gone and if you don't stop now you might be at 0% right in the middle of what you are doing. That's bad!"
    "What percent do you like to see the iPad at," I continued.
    "Well, I like 100 % because that means it has as much as it can have," replied Ella.
     I then probed to see what else she noticed. "Do you remember what the battery looks like when it says 50%?"
      Ella said, "I think it is in the middle. I think 50% means half...isn't it?"

All this conversation started me thinking.... of how rich our conversation was about percentages.  So I just made this recording sheet, and I'm going to re-discuss percentages of charge on the iPad with Ella tomorrow.  I want her to record her thoughts because that's when the brain really starts making connections.
I'm saving this sheet in my Google Docs, so if you would like a copy CLICK HERE.

By the way, I really liked it when Ella kissed me good night and said, "I love you 200%."

Deborah Devine

This is the sheet we will use to record her thoughts:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Multi-Grade ePlanner Instructions for Everyday Math 2012 Edition

Here are the steps to set up two grade levels ePlanners for the Everyday Math 2012 Common Core Edition for Multi-grade teachers.

  If you want to examine an individual slide closer just  click on the slide and it will enlarge it in a separate window.

Deborah Devine

Friday, August 10, 2012

Adapting Base Ten Blocks

I've always loved manipulatives as I call them "Thinking Tools" when I use them with students. With a little effort you can make those base ten blocks make so much more sense to students.
I create these packets for the teachers to use with their students at one of my school that I work with:

Since many of you have these base ten block in your classroom, I thought I would share my idea with you.

Deborah Devine

Everyday Math Center Response

These are examples of the support pages that I created for the Everyday Math Center Activity Cards for Kindergarten. Though the activities that are provided bu Everyday Math are of good quality, I felt that the teacher needed more... ready made support!
We all need a way to gauge student understandings, and these sheets will provide that information. Some of the sheets provide more visuals so the students understand what to do while in the center.

Some sheets extend the activities.

Some sheets just provide your students a way to response...

These 63 pages are available in my TeacherPayTeachers store for $5.99. Click Here

Oh ,Wait...there is a sale coming....on August 12th and I'm participating.

Deborah Devine

Monday, August 6, 2012

Everyday Math Smartboard Notebook Lessons

 Here is a wonderful link to Smartboard Notebook lessons by Edina and Bloomington, Minnesota teachers (grades 1-5) for Everyday Math.

Check it out!

Deborah Devine

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