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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Discussing Percentages with a 6 Year Old Child!

Learning about percentages can start when your child is quite young using everyday situations. 

Here is what been happening at my house today:

     Ella loves to use the iPad. Today I saw her placing the iPad on the charging station. "It's only at 17% so I'm stopping to recharge it," she said.
    "What does it mean when it says 17%," I asked.
    "It means that the battery is almost gone and if you don't stop now you might be at 0% right in the middle of what you are doing. That's bad!"
    "What percent do you like to see the iPad at," I continued.
    "Well, I like 100 % because that means it has as much as it can have," replied Ella.
     I then probed to see what else she noticed. "Do you remember what the battery looks like when it says 50%?"
      Ella said, "I think it is in the middle. I think 50% means half...isn't it?"

All this conversation started me thinking.... of how rich our conversation was about percentages.  So I just made this recording sheet, and I'm going to re-discuss percentages of charge on the iPad with Ella tomorrow.  I want her to record her thoughts because that's when the brain really starts making connections.
I'm saving this sheet in my Google Docs, so if you would like a copy CLICK HERE.

By the way, I really liked it when Ella kissed me good night and said, "I love you 200%."

Deborah Devine

This is the sheet we will use to record her thoughts:

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