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Monday, December 5, 2011

100 Number Grid: Adapting for Visual Tracking Difficulties

This is how I adapt the 100's Chart Grid to aid students who have tracking difficulties by color coding the ending number and the first number in the next row the same color. You must admit when students are first introduced to this grid... knowing the correct way to read the 1- 100 sequence is not easy. It's so easy to lose your visual tracking as you leave _0 and track your eyes to the new row of _1.

I also use a huge number chart and allow the students to walk on top of the chart to stimulate how their eyes must travel. This really helps students and it is a lot of fun too. In a  K/1 or 1/2 Multigrade classroom, these visuals aid the teacher while differentiate instruction for the younger students in the class.



  1. Do you mind sharing? I love it. My kids always have a hard time on this as well.

  2. Caroline,

    Of course I don't mind sharing my idea. To make the huge 100's chart, I would suggest looking for a very large solid color rectangular flannel backed vinyl tablecloth. I calculated the grid using all the space in the rectangle. I buy my vinyl in a fabric store called Hancock Fabrics, but a tablecloth will work just fine. I have the children sit around the finished 100's chart as we talk about the patterns they see and how to travel from one end to the other correctly. Having them actually walk on the chart really kicks in the sensory learning. I also use it to teach one more, one less, ten more, ten less, adding and subtracting on the 100's chart, counting backwards, and counting by twos. You can color code the large chart with two colors...for even and odd. Gee, I just love that huge 100's chart!!!



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