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Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Daily Calendar

Don't waste that December 2011 calendar.... take it down with your class after you come back from the holidays and discuss:
How many days were in December?
How many days were we in school during the month of December?
Subtraction problem: Days in the month minus number of days in school.  Does that leave the number of school holiday days?  Or do we also need to subtract the number of Saturdays and Sundays in December also?
What day is the 365th day of the year? (Have student remove the day from the calendar)
What day of the week was Christmas EVE?  What does the word EVE mean? When is New Years' EVE? (Have student remove December 24th  from the calendar)
Who can tell us what days in December were Sundays? (Remove from calendar)
What days of the week, that are still on the calendar, are ODD numbered days? (Remove as mentioned)
What is the name of this month?  How many months are in a  year?  Let's say the names of the month in order from January to December together as a class.

Here are some more ideas:
a number you can read
the first Monday
the third day of the month
____ birthday
all the teens
the highest numbered day
two days whose sum is 8
the day in the third row, second column
a number that is 2 tens and 5 ones

Dismantling the calendar can be the activity for the day. Add the new January 2012 calendar with your class the following day.

I use to set up the next months' calendar for the next day of class, but then I realized the opportunity to enhance number skills and awareness of calendar patterns by dismantling the previous month together as a class.

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