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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011's Top Three Most Viewed Blog Posts Linky Party!

I just love linky parties. Fern Smith is hosting a linky party that has everyone sharing their top 3 posts for 2011.

I started my blog in June of this year, so would that make my top 3 the
" Best of 1/2 of 2011?"

This is a flip book that is created over time with students to help them remember their multiplication facts because of patterns. My post shows a copy of each page.

Math Fact Flip Book     2726 Pageviews

Learning Outcome
Whole Group Everyday Math Lesson
Take one photo of each child for Management Board.

Complete the set-up of the Management Board for Day 2
Number Lines
1st/1.1 2nd/ 1.1
Introduce: Management Board .
Model: How to obtain materials and where math stations are located.
Model: Cleaning up a station
Sttroducig up a stationh stations are locatedor Day 2udents explore and learn how to obtain their instructional materials and where to go to work with their partners.
Students will know what is expected as they clean up their stations.
Management Board
Missing Pieces Box
Numbered clear plastic tubs
Everyday Math Games:
Monster Squeeze
Number-Line Squeeze
This picture shows part of a chart that I made while reading Debbie Dillers book, "Math Stations." I was trying to show teachers that they could prepare their students to use centers and teach math each day too. We use the math program, Everyday Math, so activities from that program are mentioned. It could be used with any math program though.

A Plan for the First 14 Days in a 1/2 Multigrade Classroom Using Centers and EVERYDAY MATH         1780 pageviews

This student rubric makes students responsible for their own learning.

"Words Their Way" Student Rubric  941 pageviews



  1. Thank you for linking up at my linky party and letting other know about it! I adore your blog and your math ideas have helped me out so much!
    Havea a Happy New Year,
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  2. I've found that foldables get the most page views! Peaople LOVE them! I wish I had come up with the concept :)

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure


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