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Monday, December 19, 2016

Foldable Worksheet Unit using 2016 PARCC Released Math Items To Prepare My Students

 Why Does Test Preparation Work for Standardized Tests?
Since the PARCC standardized Test follows a specific structure and assesses a known set of math concepts that are detailed in the Common Core State Standards for each grade level, test preparation can help your students succeed on these tests.

Test preparation is effective when it is an accurate representation of what is on the actual exam.  Since the practice set uses actual released items from the PARCC tests, the time you spend on it in class will be worthwhile.
I don't advocate weeks before the test being spent on test preparation.

I do advocate making CONNECTIONS between what you are teaching in class, and how they test students about these same math concepts on a standardized test.
  Think about yourself.  When you know what to expect and how to pace yourself on a test, you are more likely to be relaxed, confident, and comfortable. This typically leads to better scores than if you're full of anxiety and stress.

For all these reasons, I decided to use the PARCC 2016 and 2015 Release Math Items for 4th Grade and create a student friendly foldable worksheet to use to start discussing the released items while teaching the same material in class.



My first completed unit focuses on the area of
 Operations and Algebraic Thinking. 
It includes the foldable worksheets and a completed student response pages from their notebook to show what the 
finished pages might look like.

Notice that is states the Common Core Math Standard in      
"I Can" format.
 Also suggested are talking points for the teacher to use 
while discussing the individual questions.

In addition , it includes test taking strategies and 
not just how to do the math. 
I tried to do the preparation for this unit,
 so you would have the time to teach it to your students
starting tomorrow.


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