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Friday, December 16, 2016

Chart Showing the Organizational Structure for Opinion Writing: With 3rd/4th Split Grade Adaptation

While working with a Third Grader to make sense of the organizational structure for opinion writing, 
I came up with this chart to help her see where we were headed.

Notice that an opinion writing piece does not
 have to change the reader's opinion.
My resident fairy and her home in my garden (complete with a working drawbridge).
It only states the personal experiences or facts/evidence to support their reason for the writer's opinion.

For example, my opinion could be that EVERY garden should contain
a fairy garden.
I don't have to persuade you...
I only have to explain to you why I feel that way.
By the way... in your opinion, should every garden contain a fairy garden?

Multi-grade Consideration:  If you teach a 3/4 Multi-grade Class, the 4th Graders should be part of the whole group discussion about what makes an opinion writing piece. Their comments will help the 3rd Graders learn about this type of writing and the 4th Graders will benefit from reviewing their background knowledge.

Then, the 4th Graders would meet as a grade level group, with their teacher, for a mini-lesson on what is the difference between Opinion and a Persuasive Writing Piece. Lastly, they can also write to answer the same question as the 3rd Graders, but take it one step further to not only express an opinion, but

  to make someone do or believe something by giving them a good reason to do it or by writing down your thoughts so clearly and convincingly it helps the reader confirm their similar view or change their opinion to agree with yours.

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