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Friday, December 9, 2016

PARCC 2016 Released Math Items: Test Taking Skill

There will always be questions in which your students are unsure of their answers. So in this mini-lesson, recognize that fact, and discuss what to do if it happens.  Remember, in most tests, when you don't at least fill in one choice it is going to be wrong.  Teach them how to increase their chance of getting the problem correct on the test by eliminating those answers that they know are wrong and then choosing from the answers that are left.  This student's chances of getting the answer correct is 50% because of that strategy.

While teaching this skill to my student, they thought that if they did this--strategy of guessing, that they would be cheating. 

"Nope, you will just be doing what good test takers do!" 

So, don't forget about the Answer Eliminator Tool available on the PARCC test.

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