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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sight Word Ho-made Puzzle To Add a Bit of Fun

I've been working with a First Grader on her sight words. 
To add a bit of fun, 
we put together a sight word puzzle together.

First, I wrote all the words on a blank white,  
cardboard puzzle board.  

Then, I lightly colored 5 different colors over the words in irregular blobs with a crayon. These background colors help when you reassemble the puzzle together. I didn't want my student to spend too much time just trying to put the puzzle together again.  

What I wanted was to have fun, and talk about the words as we reassembled the puzzle. 
"  I think we are making the word, GOES.  Here is the GO... how does it end?  Yeah... let's look for the ES to finish the word."

I did provide a list of the words, in ABC order, to look at while we were putting the puzzle together.

I would be a great way for a parent volunteer to work with your students... and have a bit of fun too.

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