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Saturday, December 10, 2016

PARCC 2016 Released Math Items: "161 is 7 times as many as 23"

Wouldn't it be nice if your school district had software available to you so you could create math tests for your students using the same computer testing format as the PARCC test? 
This PARCC question involves dragging and dropping numbers and symbols to show an equation.

Since we don't all have that type of software available, this worksheet can be used to make students 
aware of what they must do. 
I know that the phrase, "28 is 4 times as many as 7," is correct but it still sounds so foreign, even to me, because we don't talk about equations as comparisons very often.
Think of this: 
4 X 7 = 28 can be read as a comparison between the numbers in the equation. It helps to remember that the equal sign really means "is the same as."
 * 4 X 7 is the same as 28
* 28 is the same as 4 X 7
*28 is the same as 4 sets of 7
* 28 is 4 times as many as 7


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