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Monday, December 5, 2016

PARCC 2016 Released Math Items: Being Comfortable with Computer Format

Now, that you are looking at some of the 2016 Released Math Test Items from PARCC, I bet you are wondering whether or not your students will be comfortable with the 
COMPUTER Format of this test.
So, don't wonder.... use your computer time and have your students take the Mathematics Online Practice Test that is available from PARCC.
 You can access it HERE.

This site has a practice test for each grade for you and your students to use to familiarize yourself with the kinds of items and format used for the tests. So if you have a Split or Multi-age Class, each grade level can take their own grade level test.
First, you select the grade level to view practice tests.
  • The practice test platforms have a default login of "Guest," however, users can choose to enter a name when they begin. This is for the teacher’s reference when printing reports at the end of the scoreable practice tests. This information is not captured or maintained in the system. Teachers can assign numerical values to each student as a log in, if it is preferred.
  • Paper practice tests can be printed. The material on these tests is non-secure.
The reason I'm bringing this up in December is to get you thinking about not waiting until the " test stress"  begins. Don't assume that they are comfortable with this format. By doing it now, your students can ask you questions about the format. Make it and everyday event to look at how test questions are done in a computer format. This will be part of my instruction to the students that I tutor.  I want them to be able to show "what they know" in all kinds of formats. 

By the way, if you look at one of the provided exams and are afraid that the students don't know that information yet ..... give them the answers. Your goal is not to have them take the test to see what they know, but to get them comfortable with the different format. Your students will be amazed that you would actually give them the answers!


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