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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PARCC Released Math Items: Organization Tip to Utilize the Items while Teaching Your Regular Math Program

I know that I told you I would be linking the test questions from the PARCC Mathematics Released Items from 2016 with the math series that my students currently use. I am doing this so I can have the coordinating math question available 
WHILE I am teaching that concept
Here is how I completed this task:

First, I printed both the released items and the answers for the grade level that I need from this site.
Then I cut the answers, and glued them on the back of the question.  I wanted to keep this information because it states which Common Core Standard that it is designed to test.

Then, I used a student workbook and began finding the lesson that covers this same information.
I just stuck the questions right into the workbook at that page.

So now, I know which individual math item question will coordinate with the  
math program (Math Expressions) lesson, while tutoring
  my 4th Grade Students.
 This same organizational system could work
 with any math program.

Remember that I am starting in December to connect the PARCC format with the math concepts that I am currently teaching my students. I'm not waiting until right before the test to make the connection between what my students know and how the test will ask them about these concepts.  I want my student to be able to "Show what they know."

 This whole experience made me realize that I should skip the next unit in my regular program and start working on Fractions. Fractions are so important in the 4th Grade Curriculum and on the PARCC Common Core test.
 I have some wonderful fraction bars like this:
that we are going to turn into this:
So we can compare fractions using a concrete model. They are also great when adding unit fractions. 


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