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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Word Work Checklist based on the Student Rubric

What do you do to keep your students working independently so you can work with a small group of students? “I hold them accountable with a checklist that keeps track of their work and behavior,” said Lisa." They see me marking down what I see, and I share my observations with them. "

Lisa's comments remind students about their behavior or praise their effort. Those comments relate directly to the student rubric:         

·        “I’ve noticed this week that you’ve had all your materials. That’s a 4 for management of your materials this week.”

·        “Do you know that I’ve had to talk to you about your behavior 3 times this week? What score should I give you on the rubric this week?”

·        “How did you sort your words today? Tell me about it.”

Notice the different colored paper used that corresponds to the different word work levels.

Here is her slightly revised checklist. (I just had to add the bands of color for eye tracking.) The third page of the document gives you an idea of how it would be completed for an individual student.

Click on the document to download your own copy of the document.

 My summary of the Lisa's ideas Keep your students accountable, and make your expectations clear and achieveable.

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