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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy Way to Manage Individual Classroom Computer Use

When teaching math in small guided groups, here is a way to easily manage individual computer usage.
(1) Make a poster that lists the students in each guided group and label 4 spring laundry clothes pins with the numbers 1,2,3,and 4. 
(2) Teach the students how to use the chart- the student with the clothespin on their name is the one that will be using the computer to play internet math games while the rest of his/her group plays the games with a paper gameboard, or with the needed maniulatives like dice, tokens, and cards. 
(3) After the 20 minute small group "game time", the student moves the clothespin down one space to designate the student below them on the list that will be the player the following day.
(4) What do you do about students who are absent on their day?  The student below them is assigned to the computer that day, and the absent student misses their turn.
(5) What do you do about a student who messes with the list, and they are now the student with the clothespin on their names?  AFTER the other students tell the teacher what he/she has done.... the student receives a paper clip over their name. When it is actually their turn, they lose their turn and the paper clip is removed.

What kind of system do you have that works well for you?

Deborah Devine

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