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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Math Night At the Grocery Store Packet Completed

The Family Night at the Grocery Store Packet is completed and is available HERE at my 
 This is the English version of the packet. 
 The English/Spanish version will be available shortly.

This 39 page editable packet contains everything you will need to plan and hold a Family Math Night for your school.  The provided checklist assists the Planning Committee in thinking about all the details that make an event successful. Every grade level from K-6th Grade has an activity sheet ready to go!  Need parent input? Then use the Parent Response to the Event Sheet so parents can shout out about how great their children are in using everyday math. Informational Flyers to send home. Don't worry about making posters for the event because they are already done for you. Suggestions for promoting the event are available, and if so many parents and students come to the event that you are wondering what to do with everyone- then use the described ideas in Estimation Alley to control the crowd.

To take a closer look at what is available in the packet, just click on the above picture.  
There are 39 pages in the packet AND even a banner that you can use to promote the event that is also downloadable for free from my TPT store to promote the event or decorate the registration table at the event.
Here are some links to previous posts that describe the materials available in the packet:

The packet is in PowerPoint format so that your committee can edit the pages by highlighting the red words on the page and then typing in your unique 
 information for your event. 

The RED WORDING  tells you what information to insert.
Informational Flyer for the Front Doors of the Store to Guide Participants to the Registration Table
 Everything has been planned for your event... for only $10.00.  The activities for each grade level correlate to the Common Core Standards for that grade level.

If your school is in the Chicago-land area, I would also by available to attend your planning meeting to help your committee pull together the entire event for an additional fee.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

November Calendar Suggestion

Here is my suggestion for calendar time for the month of November:  Create a pattern of coins.
  I used plastic money and just double-stick taped it to the laminated calendar.
As each new coin is introduced, a new piece of information can be discussed about that particular coin. 

 I think it would also be interesting to use the copy machine and make some copies of different state quarters and not just use the same traditional quarter over and over. 

You could also use a pattern of coins fronts and coin backs.

Mathematically talented student suggestion: They could keep a running total of the value of the coins.

What pattern do you see? Coins that represent an increasing value-1cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents

Good class discussion: As the coin increases in value, does it's size also increase?

What would you discuss in your class if you used this calendar for November?


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