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Thursday, January 26, 2017

57 is a Composite Number

I've been working with a fourth grader on prime and composite numbers.  As soon as she walked into our session, she couldn't wait to tell me how she corrected the teacher in class.
"She thought 57 was a prime number.  I told her the factors for that number were 1, 57, 3, and 19 so it couldn't be a prime number... and EVEN her teacher's manual was WRONG!"

Can't you just image how wonderful it felt to be the 
Math Wizard
at that moment... 

Here are some resources that I used to work with her on understanding prime and composite numbers:
1. Learn Zillion
 I just love this site and the easy to understand videos that they offer. When working with one child, you can pause the video and talk about the concept as they view the video. If you have parent volunteers for your class, this is a great way for them to interact with your students too. The lesson is all prepared, all they have to do is TALK to individual students and clear up any misconceptions. Follow up that talk with 4 or 5 math questions to double check understanding.  In MULTI_GRADE Classroom, use 2 different videos... to meet individual needs of the students.
Screen shot from  Learn Zillion

2. Cool Math Internet Site
Give all your students a 100 chart and as a whole group do this lesson with them, which allows them to find all the prime numbers through 100.
Screen shot from Cool Math
3.  Brain Pop 
If you have access to the internet site, Brain Pop, use this video and other materials that have been created for this lesson.
Screen shot from Brain Pop

Have you used any of these resources? Do you find them useful?
Are there other resources that you find useful.  Please leave a comment, as I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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