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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Word Work Organizational Chart

Calm and focused are two words that popped into my head as I walked into Lisa's class during word work time.

It takes teacher organization and student training to achieve a class where students know what to do each day without their teacher prompting them.In addition, I saw students who knew what to do when they "finished" their required word work.

Here is the organization chart that directs students to know what their responsibility during word work is each day. The "T" on the chart indicates a small group session with the teacher. Notice that the days of the week are not in Monday- Friday order. This chart is written on the whiteboard because that gives Lisa the flexibility to change the days order based on the changing schedule, for example: holidays, teacher institute days, and parent conferences.

Lisa also has her students select their books for their independent reading bags once a week during word work time.
Coming in the next post is the checklist that Lisa uses for assessment.

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