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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What is an Interjection....5th Graders Want to Know.

What is an interjection ?....5th Graders know. 

 Or they should know, according to the Common Core Standards.  Those amazing 5th Graders are expected to know the function of interjections, in general, and their functions in particular sentences...YIKES!!!!!

First, let's deal with the word interjection.

interject = emoji
5th Graders get emoji's

Even their clothing features emoji's.
So use it!!!! Yeah!!!!
An interjection is not commonly used in formal or academic writing, because they don't convey facts... they convey feelings.

"Wow! This is the perfect time to teach dialogue writing." pleaded Mrs. Devine.

"Gosh, ,you mean it?" said those 5th Grade Teachers.

 "Use those interjections, and teach them to punctuate it correctly, and you can 
live happily ever after, " said Mrs. Devine.

P.S.  I told the children, that I tutor,
 that ! and ? is stronger
 than ,
 and that is why you see them in dialogue writing instead of a ,

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