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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Positional Words Idea: Split Class 1st/2nd

Are you teaching a 
1/2 Split Class? 

Here is an example of how one resource can be used with both levels of students.

 1. Teacher reads, "Ornament Positional Fun!" book to whole class. 

2. 1st Graders: Play
Print individual copies of the ornaments, Christmas tree, and present on heavier card-stock paper. Punch a hole in each corner of the top of the paper and run a yarn loop through the holes. Tie yarn so picture can hang around the students' neck.  
 Assign the role of each of the different colored ornaments to your students. Have them act out their part and then hang the ornament on the large Christmas tree page provided in the packet. The last pages of this packet contain enlarged photos of each ornament, the present, and a tree for the play.  Students hang the ornament card around their neck to help the audience visualize the characters. 

     Reread the book to your students. Students can use choral reading and read aloud the phrase, ““Oh me, oh my, how great would it be, to hang upon this Christmas tree.”

3. 2nd Graders: 
         Use the book within a literacy center or writing center. On a chart, list other positional locations that could be shown on the tree. A page from the book would also be posted so students can see how the dialogue is punctuated. Possible other positional locations examples: top, middle, bottom, adjacent, and  beneath. 

Students design a new ornament to hang on the tree. Then they write a page of text, to add to the book. Their writing contains dialogue between the ornaments and the new positional location of the ornament.

This worksheet is my gift to you.  Click HERE to obtain your copy.


Here is the Teacher Pay Teacher link for the positional book:


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