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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Understanding More About Multiplication Using "LearnZillions", Lesson 3

First, as my 3rd Grade Student continues to understand more about multiplication,  the lesson we did today begins by reviewing what we already know... our schema.

LearnZillions  Internet website has a great video lesson based on the Common Core Mathematics Standard 3.0A.A.1
Interpret products of whole numbers using pictures, arrays, and number lines.

So I have the 3rd Grader watch this video:

Interpret Products by Using Arrays
I believe it summarizes what we have learned about multiplication so far:
1.  Another way to think about this equations 6 X 3 = 18 is Six Groups of Three is the same as 18.

2.  It reviews this information using multiplication word problems.
3.  It reviews the vocabulary of multiplication: number in each group, number of groups, factor, product. 

There are also short video's on interpreting products by using pictures and number lines too. 

My first choice on the video's that I will have students use are usually the Building Block Standards because the the correlation to the Common Core Mathematics Standards. 

I also like the Grade Level Navigator Pages that tell you what video lessons support the Common Core Standards for each grade level.  There are clickable links to those lessons from the pages.

As our lesson continues, we play a short game of Dominoes Multiplication.  It's so easy to do...just use the dominoes that show a 6 on one side of a domino ( 6 X's and the related fact)
 or you can use the free cards from the  

 Sparklebox website: 

Turn all the dominoes facedown on the table. At your turn, say the fact aloud and provide the correct quotient. If you are correct, you keep the domino. If you incorrect, give it to the other player. Player with the most dominoes, when all the dominoes are used, is the winner.  Easy Peasy!


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