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Monday, January 4, 2016

Button Candies Array Cards and the Commutative Property, Lesson 2

The next lesson continues to explore  the
 3 times button candy array cards the 3rd Grader and I 
 made in the last post. (view post)

 In preparation for our lesson, I attached a new card to each of the previously made array cards. My plan is to work with the array cards and their related facts
( the Commutative Property of Multiplication).

I created this worksheet.
First, we skipped counted by threes and sixes.
Next, we cut out the candy button arrays for 3 X 6  and 6 X 3, being careful to trim closely to the edge of the buttons.  Before gluing the arrays to the paper, I ask her if she noticed anything the same about the two arrays?
"Yes, I noticed that they are the same size."
"How can you tell?" I asked.
"Well, if you lay one on top of the other you can see they are the same size."
"Yes, they are the same size or we could say they are conquent in shape and contain the same area."

3 X 6 array on top of 6 X 3 array

We summarized our thoughts by filling in the Venn Diagram in the "how they are the same".
We then glued the arrays on the worksheet, and I asked her why she glued them in different directions on the worksheet.
We summarized the conversation by filling in the areas on the "how they are different " on the Venn Diagram.  We also added the corresponding multiplication equation and the repeated addition equation  to each area. We noted that both equations contained the same factors and the same product.

Lastly, the student cut out and glued (on the blue side of the card) the new arrays for each of the related fact multiplication equations.

More lessons on this same subject in the next post....

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