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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sight Word Home Support

Our Kindergartener has homework every night. It's short, only about 5 minutes, but I think it is a great idea because it establishes a homework routine.  Here is an example of her homework for tonight:
  • Look for the word 'the' in a book or on a book page. Count how many times you find it.
  •  Practice saying your phone number.
She also has three sight words that the class is concentrating on in class for the week: I, the, he.

Our family decided to concentrate on those sight words too, with some activities that we will do at home.

  • Using a post it note, the three sight words were placed on the risers of the stairs. As she goes up the stairs, she reads the words aloud.
  • We play, "Where is the eraser?" She makes her choice like this: "I think the eraser is under 'he.'  We then check to see if it is under that cup. If she is correct on the first guess, she places the eraser under the cup, and I make a guess.  If she is incorrect, she keeps guessing with me in control of the cups.
                  • Another fun activity is to make the words using playdough.

So these are some of the ways our family is supporting the work that is happening at school.  We can do that because her teacher took the time to keep us informed about the sight words they are studying that week in school through a weekly homework sheet.
 If you would like me to scan one of the weekly homework sheets, and post it here on my blog, leave a comment and I will post it.


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