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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

October Calendar, Multigrade K/1 or 1st

The October calendar, that I am suggesting, continues with "attributes."  It builds on the work done in September, and emphasizes not shape but

The thick shapes are cut out of sponge sheets or foam sheets.

The thin shapes are cut out of tagboard (heavier paper).

The secondary pattern is light blue and dark blue.  This can lead to a discussion about the fact that they are both blue, but different shades of blue.  We could categorize them all as blue, or we could divide them into another attribute-- shades of blue. Could they also be categorized as large and small, smooth surface and bumpy surface, or straight sides and curved?  

If you used this calendar in a K/1st Multi-grade or 1st Grade classroom you could have the 1st Graders come up with a  list of the different ways you could categorize the shapes' attributes. Next, have them create a series of drawings that illustrates the different attributes on the list. These drawings could then be posted near the calendar center.

(This calendar also features words in Spanish-- for all my bilingual and dual language teacher friends!)


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