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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Using the 0 - 99's Chart Instead of the Traditional 100's Chart

In Everyday Math they use a 100's chart to develop number sense.
Yet as I was looking at some Common Core Activities from the Georgia State site, I noticed that they used a 99's chart.

I actually like it better because I believe the way the
 numbers line up would be easier for young children to comprehend.
See how the rows begin with the next tens.  Wouldn't it make it easier for students to see the pattern with the new tens place beginning the row instead of ending the previous row?
What do you think? 



  1. Just finding this now while trying to articulate my views on 99 chart vs. 100 board. I like that the 99 chart shows regrouping. Once you get to nine you regroup a ten and begin the next decade. My biggest problem with the 99 chart is that this is a counting chart (that's the old-fashioned name) and zero is NOT a counting number. I'd be much happier if zero was dotted or left off entirely. Beginning with 1 is the only advantage that I can see to the 100 board. It certainly doesn't help with developing number sense, though it's just as useful as the 99 chart for solving addition and subtraction problems.


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