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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-D Dominoes and Flashcards that Meet the Common Core Geometry Standards

Consider reviewing your daily Calendar activities and updating them to reflect the new Kindergarten Common Core Standards. Use the set of flashcards of the 3-dimensional shapes-cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere to develop an anchor chart that lists "What Our Class Noticed About These Solid Shapes". Each week feature a different 3-dimensional shape and add it to the Calendar Bulletin Board Area (or Smartboard Calendar). The anchor chart would then grow with student information about what they are noticing about the shapes as they do activities during center, calendar or math instructional time.

The dominoes, which use the same images as the flashcards,  could then be used as a follow-up practice activity at the end of the month as a summarizing activity. The domino game could be played in whole group with groups of 2 or 4 students, OR be placed in a math center for small groups of two or four children. There are 5 pages or dominoes or 40 dominoes. 

The "math talk" card (suggested by Debbie  Diller in her book "Math Work Stations") could be used while the students play the game to ensure that a rich vocabulary is being used while playing the game.  
5 pages of dominoes
Click Here for the Dominoes and Flashcards

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