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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MULTI-SIZE Your Assignments

In a multigrade classroom, multisize your assignments with concrete manipulatives.

I bought a set of foam pipe covers and cut them into varying lengths and created multiple levels of tasks.

Using only a few lengths, order them from least to greatest length.

When you add a few more sizes you increase the difficulty.

Can you notice even the smallest differences in length and now place them in order?

Can you and your partner order these lengths from the smallest length to the greatest length?

Can you measure their length to the NEAREST inch or NEAREST half-inch?

Can you measure their EXACT length?

Can you calculate the difference in length between the longest and shortest lengths?

Can you match the GIVEN LENGTH CARDS to the correct pipe cover?

Multi-size your assignments for Multi-grade Classes! What suggestions do you have for additional tasks? Let's brainstorm some more...



  1. Hi Deborah!

    I am trying to tie this to my decimal study...
    Got ideas?

    I started with yarn lengths... but the pipes would be BETTER! I might use meter sticks...

    You've got me thinking!

    THANKS for the idea! I'll post back if I have success


  2. I love manipulatives and anything that can incorporate learning and fun at the same time. Nice way of making another use for the pipe covers, who would have thought!


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