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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunar Phases Card Game

Do you teach the moon phases in your class?

Today while working on my multigrade Planet Unit, I created a card game called "Lunar Eclipse" which is played like "Old Maid."  The photographs used are from NASA. The object of the game is to make pairs of one moon phase card and it's name. You do not want to end up holding the Lunar Eclipse card. 

Click on this worksheet to obtain a set for your class use. ENJOY!

I thought this would be a fun way to practice identifying the different moon phases. It could be played by the whole class or in a center. I would recommend that the cards be printed on a vellum weight paper, cut out and placed in a plastic bag along with the direction card, which is included.

These same cards could be used as a formative assessment when doing the Oreo Cookie Lunar Phase Experience. Remember when Karen suggested. "Or, you could use it as a quick, fun assessment - give each student one cookie and have them pick one of the moon phases out of a hat. They then need to use the cookie to illustrate the phase they selected. "  She later emailed me and mentioned that if you have struggling students when you hand them a card you could 'stack the deck' so they could be successful.

The best part of all is that it can be played in a Multigrade Third/Fourth  or  Fourth/Fifth Grade class and everyone would be challenged !



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