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Monday, January 29, 2018

"Think Out Loud Cap" to Promote Verbal Language Development in Children.

These materials were used in a Developmental Preschool that encouraged students to verbalize their thoughts to promote language growth. 

 That is the reason for the “Think Out Loud Cap.”  When I modeled thinking out loud and sharing my thoughts, I would put on the “Think Out Loud Cap.”  My plan was to concretely show student how to share their thoughts and ideas.
 I wanted more details!
Now, I couldn't have every student wear a hat like this, or share my hat with the speaker because of head lice concerns.  So I made a laminated  “Think Out Loud Cap” Card. 
 The students were encouraged to think out loud when I  handed  them the laminated “I am thinking” card. 

By the way, the blank cap was purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $2.50.  It actually had head breathing holes sewn in the fabric and that is how I stuck the pipe cleaners out through the hat.


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