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Friday, August 22, 2014

Math Night Materials Almost Completed

Just an update on the materials for Math Night at the Local Grocery store that I posted about in earlier posts:

1. All the individual grades activity sheets are written from K- 6th Grade.

2. They are being translated into Spanish, so the event will welcome both English and Spanish speaking families.

3.  I want teachers to know that they are teaching to the Common Core, even on a fun project like this, so I am typing out all the Common Core Correlations for each grade level.

4. I am working on writing a rubric that could be completed at an Event Follow-up Meeting by the team of teachers/administrator that ran the Math Night. It would assist them in discussing what went well and what needs to be changed before the event is repeated the following year.

5 Can YOU think of anything else that you would like to see included in a unit like this? I would appreciate any suggestions that you might share with me in the comment section of this post.


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