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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thinking Map: Brace Map with Multigrade Adaptations

 I'm taking a photography class with my new camera. That lead to the creation of these teaching materials using my photographs of a Ford Mustang and a Thinking Map  called a "Brace Map.".

I created a  set of teaching materials to be used with a sentence strip chart.  Brace Maps explain the relationship of the whole to their parts. I would be happy to share this two page resource with you by clicking HERE.
Teacher Page

Student Page
I created some additional pages that expands
 the teacher materials provided:
First, individual pictures with a label are provided for each "part" to use during your Whole Group Teaching Lesson.


If you need a Multi-Grade Adaptation, the below sheet could be given to the higher grade students or more talented reading students.  In this assignment, one of the parts is further expanded into new categories. For example, the wheel could be broken down into tire, hubcap,  wheel well, or lug nuts.

Here is a link to the complete unit for $1.50 at my
 Teacher Pay Teacher Account... click HERE.
Leave a comment and tell me what you think. 
Deborah Devine

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