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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Developing Number Sense: Plus 1 or 2

   In his book, "Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics," John Van de Walle states "When children count, they have no reason to reflect on the way one number is related to another. The goal is only to match number words with objects until they reach the end of the count. To learn that 6 and 8 are related by the twin relationships of "two more than" and "two less than" requires reflection on these ideas within tasks that permit counting. Counting on  (or back) one or two counts is a useful tool in constructing these ideas."
Of course, the development of this skill is also quite useful when adding 2 + 7, or 1 + 9.
 There are 36 addition facts that include the addend of 1 or 2. 
So I hope this game will help you. 
 Click HERE to take you to my Google Drive where you can download the game board.

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