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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Great Resource for Teachers Using Everyday Math

The Everyday Mathematics Virtual  Learning  Community (VLC) is a website for elementary teachers.  The site was established to provide resources to support mathematics teaching, including a means of communicating with other teachers interested in teaching mathematics; and to encourage teachers to reflect on their practice. It is open to any practicing EM educator free of charge.
The VLC is maintained by staff at the Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education (CEMSE) at the University of Chicago. The VLC's development is supported by generous funding from the National Science Foundation and the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
What kind of resources do they have?
  • Lesson Video

  • Student Work Examples

  • Instructional Tools

  • Professional Development Tools

  • Photographs and Audio

  • Sticker Templates to place in your Teacher Activity Manual that feature questions to ask your students with the Common Core Mathematical Practices in mind 

  • Ongoing Assessment Questions retyped by teachers into a packet format, so they are all together for each unit.

    Check it out!

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