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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thinking More about my "Counting Blocks"

I've been thinking more about these adapted Base 10 Blocks that I turned into "Counting Blocks" by drawing 1-5  ten frames on the front and 6-10 ten frames on the back. We are going to use them during summer school for our incoming Kindergarten students that have never attended preschool.

How are the students and I going to talk about what we see?

Let's start by finding the ten frame that shows the number 3.
Let's count the dots together out loud...1. 2. 3.
Let's whisper the counting words to 3 together..1, 2, 3.
Now let's sing them softly...1, 2, 3.

Next let's take some of these small blocks and put them on top of the 3 dots. Let's touch each of them gently as we count them together..1,2,3

If I added just one more block to the 3 blocks, how many would I now have?  Let's try it together, and softly say the counting words out loud.1,2,3,4,

Now that I have 4, move the blocks down to the 4 ten frame.  Do I have more than 3 or less than 3?

Go back and start with 3 blocks again. What happened when I added one more?  Let's take one of the 3 block off the ten frame.  How many do I have now?

Would you rather have 2 cookies, 3 cookies, or 4 cookies?  Tell me why?

Let's line all the small blue blocks on top of the 1,2,3,4 and 5 ten frames.  Which is the most?
Using you finger, place it on top of the 1 block. Now gently slide it off the counting block. How many do you have now?  What did you notice.

Would you rather have 0 cookies, or 1 cookie?  Why?

Let's pretend that these 5 blue blocks are monkeys. Put them on the counting block on top of the 5 ten frame. Let's sing along with the song, "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". When they fall off the bed what do you want to do to show what's happening to the monkeys?

I think I'm in infatuated with these "Counting Blocks."

Deborah Devine


  1. These are so cool Deborah!!

  2. Hi Deborah--
    Your blog is fascinating! Very nice to speak with you today and thank you for giving me your blog site address.


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