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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Percent Give and Take, Fraction/Decimal/Percent Card Deck Game #4,

In 3 previous posts, I shared some games that highlight the relationship between Fractions/Decimals/and Percents.

This is the 4th Game called Percent Give and Take.

To obtain a copy of this game click here. This game focuses on calculating a percentage of an amount of money.  Everyone starts with $5.00 and adds and subtracts the percentage of money that is specified from the card deck .

I like this game because it has a lot of strategy since you can give away your money to any of the players and take money from your choice of players too. That means that I want to selectively give money to a player that has a low amount of money, and take my percentage of money from a player that has a lot of money!  The object of the game is to have the most money at the end of the game when one of the players runs out of money.

The percentage cards used are 50%, 33 1/3 % , 66 2/3%, 25%, 75%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 16 2/3 %, 12 1/2 %, 37 1/2 %, 62 1/2%, 87 1/2%, 10%, 30%, 70%, and 90%.

The names of the games that I have already shared in November and December are: Value Up Fractions, Talking About Decimals, and Getting To Know You..Fraction, Decimals, and Percent.


1 comment :

  1. This is a great game! Thanks for sharing - my sixth graders will love it! :-) I appreciate you sharing for free!


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