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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Higher or Lower Decimals Game: Comparing the value of decimals

This math game, "Higher or Lower Decimals," requires students to compare the value of decimals. A decimal card is chosen by one player, and the other players are trying to determine the value of the card by naming a decimal value and then receiving a clue of HIGHER or LOWER from the player who drew the card. The response sheet lists the decimal values that are possible to choose. 

 Player One, who is choosing the decimal card, must understand it's value in relationship to the amount named by the other players in the game. The players who are guessing possible values need to understand the values and be able to compare them in order to apply the clues of "higher or lower" given by Player One.
So you can see that this simple game requires a lot of thinking and comparing of decimal values.

Click here to obtain a copy of the response sheet for "Higher or Lower Decimals."


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