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Friday, November 18, 2011

Probability of Spinning Blue

In this activity the students created their own spinners that were created to produce certain results. For example, the first spinner must be designed so that the probablity of landing on blue is CERTAIN.

 After creating the spinner, the student then conducts an experiment and spins the spinner 20 times and records the results. Next, the students looks over their data and records the fraction ?/20 and percent that expresses how many times the spinner actually landed on blue.

To create a spinner, a small paperclip is placed on the brad in the center of the circle.

Lastly, a summary statement is written by the student. The starter prompts are : "I noticed ... " and "This made me think..."

Here are the two pages that you will use to create the final product as shown above on a piece of
 12 x 18 piece of construction paper.

I like this activity because it places the responsibility for creating the appropriate spinner on the student, and is an authentic way to collect data about your own creation. Click Here to obtain your copy of the documents above.


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