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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parent Back-to-School Night Multigrade PowerPoint

Template PowerPoint to be Personalized by Individual Teachers
This is a PowerPoint presentation that I created for the multigrade teachers in our district for their Back-to-School Night. It is a template that they can personalize for their own class. This presentation helps them explain what their multigrade class will be like. It discusses research about multigrade classrooms briefly, shows how our district's instructional materials have been adapted for their children, and address some of their concerns about multigrade verus single grade classes.

You can view this Powerpoint in Google Doc by clicking HERE

I'm not sure it can be personalized if you download it, as I'm new at sharing a PowerPoint from Google Doc.  I just wanted you to see it for ideas of what you might do for your parents on Back-to-School or Curriculum Nights for Parents.

Our teachers receive multi-grade training sessions, and they personalize it in class as we discuss different options available. That's why you see multiple options for teaching math. They choose the way they decide and delete the rest :)

I hope this is helpful. 


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